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Impact of Sex Crime Convictions and the Importance of Legal Defense

Are You Staring Down a Sex Crime Conviction?

You may be in full panic if you have been charged with a sex crime and you are now awaiting your trial. You are probably in a panic, trying to figure out what you can do and how a sex crime charge will affect you, your family, your professional life, and your personal life. Even just a charge may be already affecting your life negatively.

You are most likely already kicking around the idea of hiring an attorney, but you may be on the fence. You already know that fighting this is going to cost a decent chunk of cash, and hiring a lawyer will cost you even more. What should you do?

We are going to help you understand sex crime convictions a little better and show you why having an experienced attorney in your corner is the best route you should take.

What Are Considered Sex Crimes?

Sex crimes are a category of offenses that tend to arise when violence occurs during a sexual act. This violent act can happen during both consensual and nonconsensual sexual acts. However, sex crimes most often happen during nonconsensual sexual events. Sexual acts involving minors are often treated as sex crimes because minors are not legally able to give consent.

Sexual assault occurs when an unwanted sexual act is performed on a victim without their consent and often with the use of force. Sexual assault can be either physical force or threats of physical force. Sexual assault may involve acts of battery, which is the act of causing intentional harm or offensive contact to another person.

Another common sex-related criminal charge are charges that involve sex crimes and the public. When someone exposes themselves in public, they may receive a criminal charge of a sexual nature because the people who were exposed to the indecency did not consent to the act of seeing someone naked. Someone who performs a lewd act in public may face a sexual misconduct charge on top of a public indecency charge. Sexual misconduct is when one or more persons perform a sexual act in public that offends innocent bystanders.

Prostitution and solicitation of a prostitute are also illegal acts that can land someone with a criminal charge and are considered a sex crime.

Charges stemming from sexual acts involving children will often be considered a sex crime. Children can not consent to perform acts of a sexual nature. Any form of sexual contact with a child is considered criminal. Child molestation, which involves sexual acts committed with a child, and possession of pornography involving a child are common criminal charges involving children.

How Will A Sex Crime Conviction Impact Your Life?

Sex crimes are morally reprehensible. They are investigated differently from other kinds of crimes and tend to demand a large scope of public attention. To even be charged with a sex crime can often be enough to begin feeling the negative effects of such a stain on your name.

If you are facing a sex crime conviction, depending on the circumstances of your case, you may also be facing a sizeable prison sentence. Serving a lengthy prison sentence is more than enough to upend your life.

If someone is convicted of a sex-related crime, one of the biggest impacts they can feel as a result is being forced to register on the Sex Offender’s Registry. Depending on the crime you are convicted of, you can face a lifetime registration.

Someone who finds themselves on the Sex Offender’s Registry will face issues in just about every aspect of their life. Finding quality housing, legal, gainful employment, and passing background checks can become all but impossible. A person who is on the Sex Offender’s Registry will have to have their location tracked and seek permission even to leave the state.

People who land on the Sex Offender’s Registry will potentially face a lifetime of social stigma. The public does not forward kindness to someone who is a registered sex offender. They will not try to understand your particular circumstance and will judge you based on your name being on a list rather than who you are as a person.

What Is the Importance of a Strong Legal Defense When Facing A Sex Crime Conviction?

A solid legal defense may seem like a costly prospect when facing a sex crime conviction. However, it can often be cheaper in the long run. It is important to consider not only your immediate circumstances but also your long-term situation and how exactly a sex crime conviction can and will affect you, possibly for the rest of your life.

A sex crimes attorney can help you navigate the needlessly confusing court system, deal with aggressive police investigations, and build a case that minimizes the impact that something as severe as a sex crime conviction can have on your life.

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