At Cory Roth Law Office, we don’t shy away from a fight. We are
committed to doing whatever it takes to defend your rights.


At Cory Roth Law Office, we don’t shy away from a fight. We are
committed to doing whatever it takes to defend your rights.


    Criminal Defense Attorney in Houston Fiercely Advocating For the Legal Rights of the Accused

    If you or a loved one has been charged with a criminal offense in Houston, you may be uncertain of what to do moving forward. A criminal conviction can result in negative lifelong consequences that make it challenging to obtain a job, as potential employers can easily access public records to perform a background check.

    Additionally, if you are convicted of a felony criminal offense, you cannot own a firearm or hold a professional license legally.

    Nevertheless, with the help of a criminal defense lawyer, you may be able to avoid jail time and a permanent criminal record. However, in some cases, your available legal options may be time-sensitive. For this reason, it is critical that you hire an experienced attorney as soon as possible even if you have not yet been charged, like Cory Roth, who can fight to protect your legal rights. Contact the Cory Roth Law Offices in Houston, Texas, to learn how we may be able to help.

    HELP TO ME!”

    “Being dragged into the criminal court system can be a very stressful time. The best thing about Cory is that he maintains a positive lighthearted attitude which often times made me laugh...



    Why do I need to hire an experienced, respected and successful criminal defense attorney to help me fight my charges?

    One of the most common reasons individuals accused of criminal offenses do not obtain legal representation immediately is fear of how much it may cost. However, it is essential to mention that the Texas criminal justice system was not designed to be navigated independently.

    Often, defendants quickly realize the legal process is more complex than they initially believed, and they wisely seek qualified legal representation. A criminal lawyer has the legal training to thoroughly evaluate the case and look for potential weaknesses in the prosecution's case. Additionally, a criminal defense lawyer can work closely with the prosecutor to try and have the charges reduced or dismissed.

    Finally, an attorney is familiar with the various aspects of criminal law and what it takes to obtain favorable client results. Contact our law firm to request a consultation to learn what legal options may be available for your case.


    What Kind of Service Can I Expect From Your Legal Team?

    The Cory Roth Law Office takes pride in our high-quality service to our clients. We recognize that regardless of whether your defense case is a misdemeanor or felony, it is the most critical issue in your life. When you trust us with your legal issues, we want you to feel confident that you have made the right choice and that we are actively fighting for your rights.

    We will never make you feel like you are in the dark about what is going on with your case and will keep you updated as to any changes or progress that may occur. In addition, any legal advice we provide will have your best interest in mind, not what is easier for our law firm.

    Other criminal defense lawyers often encourage defendants to plead guilty so they can wrap the case quickly. However, the Cory Roth Law Office will stand by your side throughout the legal process to protect your rights and freedom.




    My name is Cory Roth, and it would be my great honor, privilege, and responsibility to be your attorney. While the previous statement is true, it is cliché; it is something every lawyer will say. I know you have choices when it comes to picking a lawyer, so I want to tell you what sets me apart.

    First and foremost, I am a three-time Super Lawyer Rising Star. This is an award given to only the top 2.5% of attorneys in the State of Texas. This recognition from my peers is well deserved. I take great pride in my results with an incredible record of getting over 83% of my misdemeanor cases dismissed and possessing a similar if not better dismissal record for felony charges. My trial record is even more impressive with no first chair trial losses in nearly 30 trials, meaning every case I have tried as the primary attorney has resulted in an acquittal not guilty verdict.

    Where is the source of these results? For starters, I don't trust the government and neither should you...

    Rather, my job is to question everything everyone says. My job is to challenge the government’s story, challenge the law, and tell your story of innocence. I am a client centered and trial ready lawyer. Therefore I want clients who want to take their cases to trial, yet I will never tell you whether to take your case to trial or take a plea deal. As a trial lawyer, the only thing I can do is tell you how I foresee your case playing out. The key to my great success rate is that I work harder, longer, and smarter than many other lawyers.


    Does Your Criminal Attorney Have Trial Experience?

    Our founder, Cory Roth, has extensive trial experience and a proven track record of obtaining favorable client results. Using advanced legal strategies and relentlessly representing clients both in and out of the courtroom, Cory Roth has the experience and diligence it takes to win your case.

    Cory Roth and the rest of our legal team understand that the police, prosecutors, accusers and witnesses do not always get it right. If we agree to take your case, one of the first steps is to review the state charges to determine if there are any weaknesses or discrepancies in witness statements or police reports.

    Cory Roth is fearless when standing up to overzealous prosecutors and law enforcement officials. Because the Cory Roth Law Office of Houston, Texas, is client-centered, we are fully prepared to take your case to trial if the state is unwilling to negotiate a favorable outcome.

    Why Choose Us?

    Client-centered approach: At the Cory Roth Law Office, we focus on our client's legal needs and how to get results. Unlike other criminal defense law firms, our legal team will take the time to listen to your concerns and what you would like to see as an outcome of the criminal case. We strive to treat all our clients and their families with the respect and integrity they deserve.


    Honest evaluations: Our law office understands that your freedom and reputation are on the line, and you need an attorney to give you an honest opinion regarding your charges. Cory Roth has extensive experience in all aspects of criminal defense and will provide you with his candid legal opinion regarding what can be done to fight the charges.


    Personalized service: The Cory Roth Law Office offers each client personalized service and will create a defense strategy tailor-made for your needs. Our legal team recognizes that every case is different and strives to look for innovative ways to protect your freedom and reputation. Our attorney, Cory Roth, understands your needs and will fight to defend your rights.


    Experience and reliability: Our law firm has extensive experience handling criminal defense cases for individuals in the Houston area. Because our law practice deals only with criminal defense cases, we are better able to serve our clients. Our experience gives us the leverage we need to obtain favorable outcomes for clients who initially lost hope their cases could be favorably resolved.


    Trial experience: At the time of writing, Attorney Cory Roth has a perfect trial record as the lead attorney and is near perfect record as the second chair trial lawyer.


    Reputation for excellence: The Cory Roth Law Offices take pride in its reputation for excellence in Houston. Our drive to ensure that our clients are treated fairly and receive positive outcomes in their criminal cases has helped us gain the respect of our clients and the surrounding community.

    Why Choose Us?

    Can Your Law Firm Provide Favorable Results For My Criminal Case?

    Any lawyer who promises a particular result is unethical and is not a lawyer you should trust. Our law office works to ensure that your rights as a defendant are fully protected. Cory Roth has experience working alongside prosecutors to try and negotiate a settlement that will allow you to resolve your legal issues and resume your life.

    However, our law office is passionately committed to helping clients obtain outcomes that will benefit them, not the state. For this reason, we will never take a deal that does not have your best interest at heart. We understand that the prospect of having to take your case to trial can be frightening. However, following a case through to the end is often the only way to safeguard our client's freedoms and reputation in the community.

    If you want more information about the results we have achieved for clients, contact the Cory Roth Law Office, and ask to speak to a qualified legal team member who can provide you with more information.


    Why Should I Trust Your Law Firm to Represent Me?

    The Cory Roth Law Office of Houston, Texas, is focused on obtaining an outcome for clients that will help them avoid a conviction and permanent criminal record. We understand the lifelong negative impact that even a misdemeanor conviction can cause as you work to achieve your life goals.

    Cory Roth is a skilled criminal defense attorney often underestimated by his legal opponents. However, Cory's skills and ambition to achieve success for his clients push him daily to do what it takes to win cases.

    If you are looking for a solid attorney to fight for your legal rights, you need an attorney like Cory Roth.

    If you want a solid criminal defense attorney who will stand up and fight to protect your rights and freedom, contact the Cory Roth Law Office at 832-400-4133 and ask to schedule a consultation to discuss your case.


    A prosecutor does have the legal discretion to drop aggravated assault charges. However, if the victim is unwilling to cooperate, that does not automatically mean the charges will be dropped. The State of Texas has the legal authority to pursue criminal cases without the victim's cooperation. It is important to remember that the state can pursue criminal cases in the interest of public safety. Additionally, the state will utilize the testimony of other witnesses to try and prove their case. In some instances, where the victim asks to have the charges dropped, the prosecution may threaten to put the victim in jail if they do not cooperate.

    You should reach out to a criminal defense attorney the moment you suspect you might be under investigation or immediately after being arrested. Ideally, the earlier an attorney gets involved, the better they can protect your rights, advise you on what to say (and what not to say), and start building a strong defense strategy. Whether it's just a hunch that the police are looking into your actions or you've been formally charged, getting a lawyer on your side ASAP can make a huge difference in navigating the legal system and potentially impacting the outcome of your case.

    Texas determines the statute of limitations for crimes based on their legal classifications. The main objective of the statute of limitations is to ensure that any evidence or testimony associated with the case is preserved and not diminished over time. Generally, in cases of misdemeanor domestic assault, the statute of limitations is two years. However, if the domestic violence charge meets the legal criteria to be considered a felony, the statute of limitations is increased to three years. For example, continuous family violence may be charged as a felony when the accused has engaged in domestic assault two or more times in one year. Continuous family violence is a third-degree felony punishable by up to 10 years in state prison.

    Whether or not a driver is charged with manslaughter after causing an accident where another party was killed depends on the circumstances. Sadly, fatal motor vehicle accidents occur every day in the Houston area. A law enforcement investigation often determines that no one should be held criminally liable. However, if the driver responsible for the fatal crash was driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol or was street racing, they could be held legally responsible and charged with manslaughter. However, often, law enforcement agencies and state prosecutors are overzealous when there is no legal basis to pursue criminal charges.

    Drug court is an option that helps drug offenders avoid jail time or have their case dropped upon successfully completing the program. However, just because a defendant is a first-time drug offender, they do not automatically qualify for drug court. Some factors that prosecutors and the court consider include the facts and circumstances of the crime, whether the offense was non-violent, and an evaluation to determine if the defendant would be responsive to treatment. However, if the accused has a drug defense attorney representing them, it can significantly increase their chances of being accepted into the program.

    In criminal cases, defenses can vary widely depending on the nature of the charges, but there are several strategies frequently employed by defense attorneys. Self-Defense is often cited in cases of violent crimes, where the defendant claims they acted to protect themselves from harm. Lack of Intent can be used to argue the defendant did not intend to commit a crime, which is crucial in offenses requiring intent. Alibi is presenting evidence that the defendant was elsewhere when the crime occurred. Duress involves proving the defendant was forced to commit the crime under threat of harm. Lastly, Constitutional Violations during the arrest or evidence collection can lead to dismissals or reduced charges, focusing on rights infringements such as illegal searches. Each defense is tailored to the specifics of the case, seeking to undermine the prosecution's claims or evidence.

    Contrary to popular belief, standardized field sobriety tests are not "pass - fail." The tests are designed to look for clues of intoxication due to not having the normal use of your mental or physical capabilities due to the introduction of alcohol or some other substance into your body. Field sobriety test are difficult to perform under even the most ideal circumstances. Failing to attempt to perform field sobriety tests will be taken as though you are trying to hide evidence of guilty, but attempting to perform field sobriety tests will most likely create some evidence of guilt in a DWI. Whether you agree to perform a sobriety test or not, make sure to tell the police officer about any chronic or recent injuries to your feet, ankles, knees, hips, back or brain (such as a concussion), because these types of injuries can affect your balance.

    As a general rule, once you are convicted of a jailable crime you are never able to expunge it from your record. This means that a conviction for jail time, including "time served," a probation or even a deferred adjudication makes you unable to get an expunction. Theft charges that result in complete dismissals, pretrial intervention dismissals and acquittals are eligible for expunctions. Theft charges that result in deferred adjudication (deferred probation) are not eligible for expunctions, but if you successfully complete the deferred adjudication, you may be eligible for a non-disclosure, which is similar to an expunction. You need to hire a lawyer if you are concerned about the long-term consequences of your criminal charge.