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Toll Debt Collection Defense Lawyer in Houston

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If you drive on Texas highways a lot, you will likely encounter tolls. Most tolls are paid online via EZTag or TxTag. However, if you miss a few toll payments or forget to pay your tolls, you could face extra fines and, eventually, legal action.

If you are a pay-by-mail customer, the following steps must be taken before you are issued a citation:

  • Toll bill: Tolls plus a $1 processing fee
  • Notice of non-payment after 30 days: Unpaid tolls, unpaid fees, and a $15 non-payment fee per invoice
  • Second notice of non-payment after 60 days: Unpaid tolls, unpaid fees, and a $15 non-payment fee per invoice
  • Final notice of non-payment after 90 days: Unpaid tolls, unpaid fees, and a $15 non-payment fee per invoice

After 120 days of non-payment, you can be issued a criminal misdemeanor charge. If you are found guilty of this charge, you will face further fines and court fees that you must pay.

Facing unpaid toll road debt can be overwhelming and stressful. Fortunately, with an attorney on your side, you can fight your unpaid toll debt and avoid legal action against you. For more information and assistance with your case, call today at 832-400-4133.

Can You Go to Jail for Unpaid Toll Debt?

Many people believe that not paying their tolls in Texas can lead to an arrest. However, that is not the case. Unpaid tolls can lead to some legal issues, but you cannot be arrested because you have not paid your tolls. The Texas Department of Transportation can take you to court over your unpaid tolls but cannot issue a warrant for your arrest.

If you fail to appear for a court date that you are assigned, you can be arrested. So, while it is true that simply having unpaid tolls cannot lead to an arrest, not showing up to court when required can lead to jail time. It is essential to bring legal representation to any court date you are obligated to attend.

What Are the Legal Consequences of Unpaid Tolls in Texas?

The Texas Transportation Code stipulates that failure to pay a toll can result in a criminal misdemeanor charge. If you are found guilty of a criminal misdemeanor, you could face fines of up to $250 per unpaid toll plus other court administrative fees.

If you are a habitual violator, meaning you have not paid more than two or more tolls within a year, you could face additional legal penalties. Habitual violators could be banned from the tollway or have their vehicles ticketed and impounded. Habitual violators could also face a vehicle registration renewal block, meaning they cannot drive their vehicle in Texas.

If you have been labeled as a habitual violator, contacting an experienced attorney is essential. You could lose the ability to drive on Texas tollways or register your car with the state. Reach out for more information about your case today.

How Do You Avoid Unpaid Tolls?

Unfortunately, many people find themselves facing unpaid toll debt due to mistakes or simple errors. If you receive mail from TxTag, EZTag, or another toll collection agent, always open the letters and read them carefully.

Similarly, if you sell your vehicle, carefully remove your toll tags from the windshield to avoid being charged for another person’s toll. If you pay online, make sure your form of payment is up to date to prevent any unpaid tolls.

How Can a Defense Attorney Help Me?

Getting a notice of legal action taken against you can be a frightening experience, especially for something as minor as unpaid tolls. In many cases, outstanding toll road debts are made in error or because of mistaken identity, leading innocent individuals to face criminal charges.

Having an experienced defense attorney on your side will help you examine all your legal options when faced with unpaid toll road debt. Cory Roth Law Office will represent you in court and help you settle your toll road debts before your court date so you can move on with your life and get back on the road. For more information and to receive a case evaluation, call today at 832-400-4133.